3 Common Sense Points that will prevent you from being Rekt.

Want to avoid being rekt or being liquidated, follow this 3 tips

3 Common Sense Points that will prevent you from being Rekt.

REKT - What does Rekt meaning in cryptocurrency.

Rekt in crypto as well as in related financial sector means to be financially ruined or wreck sometimes as a result of bad investment decisions. 

Sometimes both pro trader and novice make poor or bad financial decisions mostly base on feelings which will lead to being liquidated in maybe leverage trades or spot market, but there are basic principles every trader show always stick to in order to manage the risk that come with investment.

This could be call TRADING KARMA 101

  1. Peak Euphoria is the warning. As soon as you want to take a screenshot of your P/L to celebrate and share online, it is a sign to exit your position.
  2. Be humble. If you celebrate your profits when everyone else is hurting, karma will get you.
  3. There is more value to learning from grief than chasing clout.Talk about your losses more than your profits. Always note what happened in tradings that went against you and learn from your mistake or miscalculation.

These will always haunt you forever when you look at those

'Oh, that was the Sign'

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