Best 5 Crypto Coins That Will Pump This Month of September in 2022.

Cryptocurrency have no doubt have made many millionaires and one of the techniques use by such people is catching the crypto update on time and getting in early. Today at we will talk about 5 best Crypto coins and how it will do a great pump this Month of August/September in 2022.

Best 5 Crypto Coins That Will Pump This Month of September in 2022.

Best 5 Crypto Coins That Will Pump This Month of September in 2022 – Quick Overveiw

  • GMX

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in recent time have been gain a lot of adoption and recognition. Bitcoin, the world's most popular cryptocurrency, grew by over 70% last year with other altcoin gain massive growth alongside with it. The cryptocurrency Space in the last bull market great many millionaires who were able to spot the trend and get into the market earlier. The market capitalization of Cryptocurrency has already exceeded $2.2 trillion during the last bull run and many world’s largest investments are actively investing in various crypto assets.

Irrespective of the current bear market cryptocurrency adaptation is on the rise because of it modern use cases and many industries and investors are actively developing as such many cryptocurrency are investor watchlist come next bull run.

Crypto investors will always be on the lookout for cryptocurrencies to rise regardless of where these digital assets end up after their trip to the moon. Whether you want to find the next cryptocurrency to explode in 2022 or diversify your portfolio with high-risk, high-reward digital assets, the cryptocurrencies on this list are for you.

1.     OPTIMISM (OP)

Optimism (OP) is a layer Blockchain on top of Ethereum, Optimism benefits from the security of Optimism inlet and helps scale Ethereum ecosystem by using Optimism Rollups, that means transaction are trustily recorded on Optimism but ultimately secured on Ethereum, Optimism is one of the biggest scaling solution for Ethereum in total value loose, it is Home to 35 Protocols, the biggest being Synthetix, in derivative exchange UNISWAP and VELODROME an automatic market maker. On 31th of May 2022 Optimism conducted a highly anticipated airdrop of its own paid Token, the airdrop was so popular that it briefly slowed down the Optimism Blockchain the TVL in Optimism has grown from $293m to $943m in the past Month alone that is over 220% in generating $664k in network Revenue during this time, the OP token is being used as an incentive to drive brother use of its ecosystem and soon will be used as a decentralized sequencer to capture minor extractable value, with this we expect OP token to rise above the brother market in the coming Months. You can buy OP from BINANCE, OKX or the OPTIMISM Network.



Rocket Pool is a decentralized Ethereum stacking pool offering up to 4.9% APR for Ethereums 2.0 stacking, users can join the pool with as low as 0.01ETH or run their own Node on the Rocket Pool with only 16ETH instead of the standard 32ETH because Rocket Pool provides the other 16ETH from other persons stacking in the pool, stackers on Rocket Pool enjoy this liquid stacking which means that they benefit from in increasing exchange rate the (RPL) which is the Rocket Pool token is used for two major things for now on Rocket Pool.{1}Node Operation: node operation use it to provide additional security{2}Governance: after the Ethereum merge stacking held on Ethereum are going to increase and a lot more persons would want to start stacking their ETH, Rocket Pool is one of the major place they will go to because of its decentralized nature of stacking it services and other benefits, COINBASE, LIDO and KRAKEN holds 54.6% of all liquid stacking deposits, while RPL holds only 4.5% liquid stacking deposits, Rocket Pool share is expected to increase significantly after the merge, RPL can be bought from UNISWAP. When I was talking about Optimism, I said that one of the biggest protocols on Optimism is Synthetix.


Synthetix makes it possible for anyone to trade derivatives on the Blockchain. Derivatives are contracts whose value is derived from the performance of an underlying asset, like gold, oil, coin and so on. So the way you trade signatures, swaps and options on centralized exchanges or brokers synthetics makes it possible for you to do that in a decentralized way.

Synthetix generated $8.6 million in revenue last month for the Synthetix X and X token stackers, mainly due to the increasing adoption of the atomic SWAT features in the protocol. It has a total value lock of $232.4 million, which is the second largest on the Optimism network, second only to Abyss $530,000,000 in total value lock. Two things will help to ensure the price increase of the S and X token in the coming months. This includes the increase in adoption and liquidity influence into layer two networks like Optimism. And the adapt too, is that growth in revenue received in stable coin for SNX stackers will incentivize more precedents to stake GMX you can buy  from BINANCE and OKX.

You get 2% API when you stake OKX on BINANCE and off the percent API when you stake it on OKX. You can also buy it directly from UNISWAP and stake it on the syntax IO platform dual hair Synthetix built on layer 2 networks called Optimism.


4.   GMX

GMX is a decentralized port and perpetual exchange built on a layer two network called Arbitrage. Last month, GMX generated $1.5 million in revenue from trading fees. This was all paid out in Ethereum to those who stick to the GMX token.

GMX are chosen to be the top protocol by TVL on the arbitrary network with a TVL of $250,000,000 while the second is radiant at $103,000,000 in TVL. Reasons why GMX token will go parabolic in the coming months include one, the continuous increase in the revenue and by stickers in Ethereum would drive more demand for the GMX token. Two is that Arbitral Nitro upgrade that is later to take place in August 31 will increase the capacity and also lower the fee on the arbitrary network which will directly lead to growth in liquidity influence, revenue and usage of the GMX platform. As the top device app on arbitrary you can buy GMX on BINANCE and UNISWAP. You earn up to 28% APR when you stake GMX number five, which is the coin I said we do over 5000%.



This token is not even launched yet, but it's set to launch this month. This is a token that will run the economy of the new Blockchain capital of the world. In Bernardo. You will spend STC on Satochi Island for everything. The way you spend naira in Nigeria and US dollar in USA. Those islands are just mapped out.

What are you developed? A lot of trades in billions of dollars in STC are going to be traded to get this island developed. This will tremendously impact the price of STC. You are going to be amazed. STC is going to be launched through the TenSet launch pad. The number one launch pad by Stockholm's market Cap. If you look at the all-time high of the previous TGLP project, we have King G at 1800%, Hero at 16,800%, Doom at 9400% and the last one feed at 30,000%. STC is next.

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Disclaimer: This is a mere prediction and should not be consider as a Financial advise. The criterion for selection was based on the amount of revenue generated by the token project which work to drive up the price of the Token

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