Ethereum’s Merge will mean a lot of things, but for Loopring, it will…

The Merge has been anticipated for so long and so highly that at this point, it seems to be the turning point for both Ethereum and Decentralized Finance.

Ethereum’s Merge will mean a lot of things, but for Loopring, it will…

                                                    SOURCE: PIXABAY 

Ethereum L2s like Loopring have already been furthering DeFi using these techniques. Loopring, in particular, is looking to leverage The Merge to become a DeFi and NFT hub in the near future.

In its upcoming goals, Loopring intends to develop and provide open-source code in order to make it easier for developers to build their NFT marketplaces.

Building on the same, Loopring yesterday announced the launch of another NFT marketplace on L2, called in partnership with Uptick. This will also extend the use of Loopring’s native token LRC by allowing minting, listing, and trading using the asset.

Since L2 currently has over 135k accounts, which cumulatively have conducted over $5.4 billion worth of trades since L2’s inception, the chain has a lot of room for growth.

                                                                               Loopring L2 stats  | Source: Dune – AMBCrypto

This will also trigger much-needed impact on the asset. Especially since it’s a whale token that dominates more than 42% of LRC’s circulating supply.

Although the remaining 58% is in the hands of investors and traders, it still needs more retail investors’ presence. At the moment, less than 0.27% of Loopring’s investors actively conduct transactions on-chain.

                                                 Loopring whale domination | Source: Intotheblock – AMBCrypto

Of the 175k users to exist, only 475 of them are active addresses, creating a need for more serious users. Once the market recovers and Ethereum goes through The Merge over the next month, the situation is expected to turn around.

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