Startup Ideals for Web 3.0 and Blockchain Developers

Bytexbit will be sharing with you 5 Million Dollar Start-up Ideas for Web3.0 developers. Blockchain real world use cases are increasing day by day from betting sites, credit card institution, NFTs and Metaverse, the need for developers and solutions to some cryptocurrency problems are on the rise, learn about some of these start up ideals in this post.

Startup Ideals for Web 3.0 and Blockchain Developers

Blockchain and Web 3.0 ecosystem is on the trend in the financial world and there are plenty of opportunities for start-ups to make millions if they can bring innovations and solutions for any of blockchain related problems. As a new technology there are plenty need for developers who can solve some of the problems related to blockchain technology ranging from adaptation of cryptocurrency, building service that involve cryptocurrency like Betting Sites, Credit Card service with crypto, digitalize real world assets and the world of NFT and Metaverse.

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Blockchain developer are low and are in high demand, one could work for some companies who try to solve this problem or could solve some of this problem and make millions from them. We will explore some of the start-up ideals that could potentially bring millions to the pocket of the web3.0 developers.

Idea 1 -  Zapier for Web 3.0

Zapier is a website that lets you to build automations without having to code anything out, example: Lets said you have a business and your want to get information about your visitors or phurase done through a medium or your want to manage your multiple social media accounts you can automate these tasks with Zapier a web 2.0 website. So they are all kinds of things you can do with Zapier and the big value is that you have to be a developer to do this and it is supported by many websites like, Google sheet, Gmail, Filter by Zapier, Slack, Webhook by Zapier, Google calendar, Trello, Discord, Twitter, Facebook lead Ads and so many of them, the all idea is that this are web 2.0 companies that has APIs for developers can make the applications talk to one another and so Zapier basically takes the APIs and let you just plug and play to increase your animations to have a writing code.


How a Web 3.0 version of will look like:

Well just like Web 2.0 you have APIs that powers the heart soul of API functionality and with Web 3.0 the inanity here is that you have smart contracts that live on top of a blockchain also the blockchain where you can see all this stuff and you have open access to it as a developer of course be at the end the user doesn’t have plugin-play access to this, that’s where the proposition into comes into play so instead of merging up APIs on Zapier you will be merging up with smart contract and protocols on blockchain to create this type of animations, example, OpenSea where you are blissing NFT and buying them, and someone purchased your NFT, you can automatically from where you are getting those funds you can swap it for a different Cryptocurrency also UNISWAP Protocol…


Idea2 - AWS Lambda

Lambda is basically an environment that lets you run code without thinking of servers or clusters, it is almost the same as Zapier but Lambda function is where you can write custom codes that goes into a slot and the code is going to get triggered and whatever the function occurs.


How it works

AWS Lambda is a serverless event driven compute service that lets you run code for virtually any type of applications or backend service without provisioning or managing servers. You can trigger Lambda from over 200 AWS services and software as a service (SaaS) application and pay for what you use.


Functions of Lambda

Run code without provisioning or managing infrastructure. Simply write and upload code as a .Zip file or container image.

Automatically respond to code execution requests at any scale, from a dozen events per day to hundreds of thousand per second.

Save cost by paying only for the compute time you use-by per millisecond-instead of provisioning infrastructure upfront for peak capacity.

Optimize code execution time and performance with the right function memory size. Respond to high demand in double-digit milliseconds with provisioned concurrency.

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Decentralized AWS Lambda.

  • An event driven decentralized compute network which:
  • Runs code in respond to events triggered from the frond-end or smart contracts.
  • Automatically manage the resources required to run that code.
  • Supports reading/writing to blockchains and storage protocols.


Idea 3 - Firebase

Firebase is an app development platform that helps you build and grow apps and games users love. Backed by Google and trusted by millions of business around the world. Firebase can help users in monitoring the application like anytime there is some sort of errors like fail transition that happens, they can get an alert about that and they can see logs of all the errors, any type of performance optimizations that you can provide inside the application itself. You can offer that to them if there is any type of other Web 2.0 resources you may rely pone to make this happen because at the end of the day a lot of web deploy application are also hype red applications. Firebase has the ability to monitor application bills whatever, whatever the pass or fail, the ability to do automated testing before it can be published.


Idea 4 - Creating developer tools for smaller developers’ ecosystem that are outside of the Ethereum or EVM ecosystem.

Ethereum Is the largest developer community by a large stretched scheme in the blockchain, Ethereum has grown to become the largest developer’s community and it has gotten so many people to become professional developers in the Ethereum environment, it has some of the best developers’ applications like, Hardhat, TRUFFLE SUITE, Metamask, etc and some of the newer blockchain ecosystem have less mature developer tools or even just room for new developer tools to come out of the scene. They are a lot of room to in and tools smaller ecosystem like, SOLANA.

So, what would you do to create this.

They are many kinds of tools so all you have to do is to glue all this tool together like developers can do it on Framework on their computer. SOLANA is very good for developers’ resources.


Idea 5 - Creating applications, specific layer 2   scaling solution as a service.

What are layer 2?

Layer 2 are scaling strategies for blockchain, so on Ethereum for example; the long-term road maps is not trying to scale as much as rely pone on the second layer that are called layer 2 where you do most of the transactions and it is secured by the Ethereum network itself. They are different types of layer 2 scaling solution out there, there is general purpose layer 2 scaling solution like, Optimism, Arbitrum, Loopring, dYdX, Metis Andromeda, ZKSpace, etc. They are also layer 2 scaling solutions that are applications specific, things like, dYdX, Loopring etc. All this as mentioned are the 5 Million Dollar Setup Ideas for Web3.0 Developers.

These are they five sure web 3.0 ideals web 3.0 developers could build and have an edge in this space, this project could be challenging for a beginner develop but are sure to put you on the forefront in web 3.0 space. You can could try build this just for learning purpose and add it to your pofoilo, you can learn how to become a blockchain develop on

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